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Instructions for HIN Mail Global


General Information

What is HIN Secure Mail Global?
HIN Secure Mail Global enables secure and data protection-compliant communication via e-mail with recipients with no connection to the HIN platform. A recipient can also reply securely to the received e-mail. Possible uses:

  • Sending sensitive information from a doctor or hospital to patients in Switzerland and abroad
  • Sending discharge reports from a hospital to a family doctor
  • Exchanging confidential information with research partners in Switzerland and abroad
  • Sending payslips to employees
  • You can find out what secure e-mail communication means and why it is so important here.

How does HIN Secure Mail Global work?
The sender of an HIN Secure Mail Global e-mail labels the e-mail as “(Confidential)” in the subject line. The recipient can then open and read the e-mail via SMS code registration. An encrypted reply to this e-mail is also possible.


For the sender

How do I send an HIN Secure Mail Global message? 
Flag the e-mail that you want to send in encrypted form to a recipient outside the HIN platform as “Confidential”. You can also write “(Confidential)” in the subject line or use your e-mail program’s confidentiality function.

How do I know whether the recipient is an HIN participant or whether I have to mark the e-mail as “(Confidential)”?
You can search for HIN participants in the HIN subscriber directory at Or simply mark all e-mails as “(Confidential)”.

What does the addition in the e-mail subject line [GLOBAL] mean? 
When a recipient of an encrypted message (HIN Mail Global) replies to you, [GLOBAL] is added to the end of the subject line. This means that your reply to this message will once again be sent encrypted.

How do I receive a delivery confirmation for my e-mail sent with HIN Mail Global?
If you activate delivery confirmations, a read report is triggered automatically as soon as the recipient has decrypted your e-mail. As the recipient cannot decide whether to send a confirmation or not, this delivery method is like sending a registered letter by mail. Therefore, it is clearly different from the read report function when you send e-mails to HIN participants using an e-mail program. This is how you activate the read report with HIN Mail Global:

In Outlook: Draft your e-mail as usual when sending your e-mail using HIN Mail Global. Then check “Request read report” in the “Options” tab.

In HIN Webmail: Draft your e-mail as usual when sending your e-mail using HIN Mail Global. Click “Options” and then “Request read receipt.”


For the recipient

Why have I received an encrypted e-mail? 
A participant in the HIN platform (a doctor, practice or institution, e.g. a hospital) would like to send you confidential information. This e-mail is a notification that an encrypted message has been sent to you.

How can I open and read the e-mail? 
Open the e-mail attachment. You can register with your mobile telephone number and an SMS code when the first e-mail you receive via HIN Secure Mail Global arrives. You can open and read any further e-mails via SMS code login.

Can I forward encrypted e-mails?
HIN Mail GLOBAL Webmail does not permit the forwarding of e-mails. However, you can save the e-mails, unencrypted, on your computer, open them in your e-mail programme and forward them from there. E-mails forwarded in this way will not be encrypted when sent.

I have a new mobile telephone number, how can I update it in HIN Mail Global?
Please contact HIN Support.

Why can’t I open the attachment?
When you receive an encrypted e-mail in Webmail (e.g. Gmail, Bluewin, GMX, etc.), we recommend that you save the attachment (download it) and then open it.

I have not received an SMS code, what do I do now? 
Check that you have entered your correct mobile telephone number (see next question)
Ensure that the mobile provider (e.g. Swisscom, Salt, UPC or Sunrise) has not blocked the receipt of messages from premium services or value-added services.

I have entered my mobile telephone number incorrectly, what do I do now? 
Please contact HIN Support.


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