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Health Info Net AG (HIN) is the leading provider for secure communication and data exchange in the Swiss healthcare sector.

In collaboration with Swiss Healthcare Startups (SHS), HIN is launching a new Innovation Challenge tailored for startups with the goal to drive innovation and the digital transformation of the Swiss healthcare sector.

The call for application is open until the May 14, 2024.

What are you waitong for? Apply now!

HIN & SHS Innovation Challenge application form

  • About you

  • About your startup

  • We would like to know who you are, what is your story, how far you have come and where you are going.
  • About your project

  • We would like to know what the idea behind your project/solution is and how the collaboration with HIN can help you realize it.
  • We would like to know which assumptions regarding market conditions, i.e., prerequisites that must exist in the market for the idea to succeed, you have made.
  • We would like to know what the contribution of your startup is for the solution and what specific competencies and resources your startup brings to the table.
  • We would like to know how HIN can contribute to your solution (N.B. HIN is not a capital provider).
  • We would like to know how your solutions will create value for the customers.
  • We would like to know what makes your solution so unique, what is the value proposition of your solution and which are the corresponding Unique Selling Propositions (USPs).
  • We would like to know how you imagine the approach for co-creation with HIN in terms of processes and timeline.
  • Accompanying documents outlining the concept idea and addressing the above questions in more detail can be sent to:
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